We are familia.

A team of over 190 work in Sachseln for bio-familia AG, producing the finest müesli which is now sold in over 40 countries worldwide. Allow us to introduce you to some of your contacts within the company:

Peter Odermatt


Urs Furrer

Head of Finance & Controlling

Manuel Dubacher

Head of Operations

Matthias Schwyn

Head of Supply Chain Management & IT

Martin Ettlin

Head of technology & energy

Anita Holzer

Head of Human Resources

Stephanie Schwander

Head of Development

Martin Germann

Sales Director

Nadja Degelo-Durrer

Head of Marketing

Kilian Greter

Head of purchasing

Daniela Reichlin Stolz

International Sales Manager

Aline Mattli-Tschanz

Key Account Manager Switzerland

Marlène Bircher

Key Account Manager Export

Roland Wermelinger

Key Account Manager

Robert Kievit

Key Account Manager Dairy Industry