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familia Swiss Müesli

familia Swiss Müesli "no added sugar" and "original" are a wonderful start into your day. They are ALL Natural and a good source of fiber - Swiss wholesomeness from the picturesque village of Sachseln, by the lake...surrounded by the Alps... try it for yourself!

familia BIO Organic Granola & Müesli

This USDA organic certified Swiss Granola and Müesli range offers you enjoyment of highest cereal quality and authentic Swiss tradition. Available in kosher, vegan and no added sugar versions.

familia Swiss Balance

The range of familia Swiss Balance combines wholesome grains with natural functional, health values.

For improved bone structure, a better immune system or as a good source of fiber for your digestion, familia Swiss Balance is the truly healthy Swiss Müesli for you.

familia Low Fat

familia Low Fat Müesli and Granola are for all health or weight-conscious consumers! Try them, you’ll love them!

familia Swiss Baby Müesli

familia Swiss Baby Müesli is the perfect blend for your baby - wholesome, fruity and long lasting! From 9 months up to 2 years of age.


The perfect basic mix for a fresh Swiss-style Birchermüesli. Also available in 50g portion packs.