familia Swiss Baby Müesli has been developed on the basis of Dr. Bircher-Benner’s ideas. It is easily digestible for babies from 9 months to two years of age.

Product information

familia Swiss Baby Müesli

familia Swiss Natural Baby Müesli Cereal is a perfect blend for babies from 9 months to 2 years. Discover this natural and wholesome Müesli for your kids and maybe for yourself! We blend the best and juiciest apples at harvest times, mix it with time with banana puree and make fruit flakes from it. Its thinly rolled oatflakes make this a porridge-style Baby Müesli, but with a very fruity taste.

There are many benefits! 

- it regulates the digestion 

- light and easily digestible 

- nutritious = quiet nights when fed in the evenings

The packaging is of course BPA-free. There are no additives, colorants or preservatives in the product. It meets rigorous Swiss organic standards. However, Swiss organic has yet to be accredited under USDA organic rules.

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