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Seven reasons to join bio-familia

Our vision and our values are very important to us. We treat each other with kindness, trust and honesty, and support everyone’s unique strengths. This is your chance to join a deeply rooted, family-run company, contribute your talents and advance your career. 


We firmly believe that our success depends on our team. Our employees are motivated, responsible and perform their best, every day. Experienced senior staff impart their wealth of knowledge to our younger members, fostering a natural exchange of experiences. Together, we can celebrate our shared success. Our managers observe our management principles.

bio-familia ensures that all ages and cultures are represented in our company. We ensure that all age groups work in all departments, and we uphold our social responsibility. Young families benefit from our voluntary bonuses and child benefits.

Working environment

We offer ergonomic workplaces and meeting zones. Modern methods of working are welcome, as long as they are compatible with the goals of our company.

Flexible hours and shift work

Many of our employees work shifts with fixed hours. Shift breaks are remunerated as working hours, and shift work attracts a bonus.
The flexible working hours in administration allow us to act in a customer-oriented manner, both internally and externally, and give our employees a say in their working hours. We also employ part-time administrative staff.

Company healthcare management

The physical and mental health of our employees is a very high priority to us. We invest in preventative measures and encourage our employees to take responsibility for their well being. They have access to a fitness room and a rest area, and we offer financial support for sporting activities. Our newly renovated canteen is designed to foster casual conversation over affordable meals.

Pension fund

Our employees benefit from a savings scheme based on their annual salary, with no BVG entry threshold for part-time employees

Professional development

Professional development requires individual motivation.
We support the individual skills and strengths of our team members based on their level, and offer funding for training and development. 
Wherever possible, we recruit from our own ranks.


We look after our long-time employees and look for solutions to meet their requirements in the last years of their career. As a token of our gratitude, retired employees are always welcome to our company events.