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Factory outlet and 'Guets us Obwalde'

You want the very best local products. So do we.


You want sustainable goodness. So do we.

As a pioneer of Müesli and organic products, bio-familia has been committed to healthy nutrition and protecting the environment since the very beginning. In the bio-familia factory outlet, you can explore the delicious world of Müesli and discover the latest kinds of Müesli that we sell in over 40 countries.

bio-familia cares for the environment and takes a sustainable approach to using our resources. In our factory outlet, we also sell Müesli from surplus and trial runs for great prices. Our unpackaged section – featuring 14 organic ingredients – lets you buy unpackaged goods and mix your own individual Müesli at home. Bring your own containers with you and fill them up with your favourite ingredients.


You do your part for your community. So do we.

In 1995, Dr Hans-Peter Binz, the director of bio-familia AG at the time, launched the ‘Guets us Obwalde’ initiative. His aim was to support the regional mountain economy in Obwalden and provide a platform for selling local specialities. This was also how bio-familia’s first factory outlet was born. From humble beginnings, it grew into what is now a significant and welcome side business for around 60 Obwalden-based producers. The wide range of naturally grown, traditionally produced and lovingly made products guarantees the utmost quality.

Get a glimpse of how two producers go about making the popular ‘Nidläzältli’ fudge bites and ‘Ankä’ clarified butter for ‘Guets us Obwalde’.


You love giving the gift of joy. So do we.

Locals and visitors from near and far enjoy our local specialities as lovingly wrapped gifts or everyday treats.

The team at our factory outlet are on hand to provide ideas and inspiration and are happy to put together your very own gift package with ‘Guets us Obwalde’ treats like Müesli and nuts. Wrapping and delivery are included – making gift-giving easy.


You like the personal touch. So do we.

We’re happy to offer you advice in person. Drop by and get inspired.