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Factory outlet

Discover the world of müesli first hand.

Buy freshly produced müesli from our factory outlet in Sachseln. Besides our domestic and international familia products, you can also sample trial runs and other tasty treats at bargain prices.

Our factory outlet also offers our high quality ‘Guets us Obwalde’ product range, lovingly and traditionally made. The proceeds are a welcome income boost for the farming women in our region. Besides fine cheese and meat delicacies, the popular ‘Nidläzältli’ fudge bites and gingerbread specialities, we offer special schnapps and herbal teas. We will be happy to put together an individually customised gift basket for you. Drop by and enjoy a tasty Obwalden coffee or tea in our café corner. Alternatively, use the order card or send us an email ( to order our «Guets us Obwalde» treats: The brochure contains more information about our production.