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Champion Original

Champion Original is a low-fat blend of cereal flakes that’s easy to digest. The soft rolled oats make it easy to eat in a hurry. Juicy raisins, apple chips and a hint of apricot give Champion a special fruitiness. familia Champion is the wholesome cereal for anyone who naturally demands more.
Wholemeal oat flakes, cornflakes (maize, sugar, table salt, barley malt, emulsifier sunflower lecithin), apple flakes (whole meal flour (wheat, rye, barley), sugar, apples), dextrose, raisins 7% (vegetable oil), soya groats, roasted hazelnuts 6%, apple pieces 5% (preservative sulphur dioxide), soya-wheat flakes (wheat, soya, raw sugar, fructose, table salt, barley malt), raw sugar, dried apricots 2.5% (preservative sulphur dioxide), wheat germ granulate (wheat germ, wheat starch, wheat flour, gluten, honey, pear juice concentrate, barley malt, table salt, cinnamon), malt flakes (barley malt, emulsifier soya lecithin), orange powder (sugar, acidifier citric acid, orange, aroma), hip powder, magnesium citrate, vitamins (C, maltodextrin, E, niacin, pantothenic acid, D, B6, B2, B1, folic acid, biotin, B12), guarana extract 0.1% (maltodextrin, guarana extract), zinc gluconate. Cereals: 49%, of which whole grain: 69%. Fructose: 5%, glucose: 11%. Caffeine content: 4.5mg /100g.
1620 kJ / 386 kcal
8 g
of which saturates
1 g
64 g
of which sugars
26 g
8 g
11 g
0.38 g

We wish to make you aware of the following ingredients and potential allergens in familia Champion Original:

  • gluten
  • soy
  • hazelnuts / almonds
  • sulfites
  • raisins

familia Champion Original can be purchased in Switzerland in the following locations:

  • Coop
  • Loeb
  • Manor
  • Le Shop
  • coop@home

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