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familia Bio Knusper Superseeds & Honey

The new familia Organic Crunchy Müesli Superseeds & Honey made from seeds, kernels and nuts is baked with wildflower honey until deliciously crunchy. The nutty organic seeds (amaranth, pumpkin and sunflower seeds) in this Crunchy Müesli deserve the name “superseeds” thanks to their high nutrient density. 
They are a good source of plant based proteins, minerals and secondary plant substances, and thus provide plenty of energy. Additionally, this wholegrain Crunchy Müesli does not contain any wheat.


Wholemeal oat flakes, sugar, extruded cereal crispies (rice, oat flour, barley malt, salt), pumpkin seed protein powder 5 %, sunflower oil, honey 4.5 %, sunflower seeds 4 %, roasted hazelnuts 3.5 %, barley flakes, puffed amaranth 3 %, pumpkin seeds 2.5 %, oat flour, roasted almonds 2 %, salt. Cereals: 59 %, of which whole-grain: 92 %.

All agricultural ingredients come from organic cultivation and convene to the high standards of the directives of Bio Suisse.
1923 kJ / 458 kcal
17 g
of which saturates
2.3 g
59 g
of which sugars
16 g
6.6 g
14 g
0.22 g

The product could contain traces of the following:

  • gluten containing cereals
  • milk
  • soy
  • pecans
  • cashews
  • sesame

familia Bio Knusper Superseeds & Honey can be purchased in Switzerland in the following locations:

  • coop

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