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familia Bio Müesli Strawberry Rosehip

Our Bio Müesli Strawberry Rosehip is made with 100% whole grain oats, blended with selected ingredients and carefully baked into a crunchy müesli. It combines tried and tested flavours with new elements: fruity strawberry pieces are mixed with a subtle hint of rosehip.
Wholemeal oat flakes (Europe, Switzerland), whole cane sugar, ground rosehip peel 2.9 %, sunflower oil, freeze-dried strawberries 2.2%, table salt. Cereals: 82%, of which whole-grain: 100%

All agricultural ingredients come from organic cultivation and convene to the high standards of the directives of Bio Suisse.
1760 kJ / 417 kcal
12 g
68 g
Total sugar
12 g
9 g
Saturated fatty acids
1.5 g
Food fibers
8 g
0.33 g

We wish to make you aware of the following ingredients and potential allergens in familia Bio Müesli Strawberry Rosehip:

  • milk
  • soybeans
  • almonds
  • hazelnuts
  • pecan
  • cashew
  • sesame

familia Bio Müesli Strawberry Rosehip can be purchased in Switzerland in the following locations:

  • Coop
  • coop@home
  • Le Shop
  • Spar

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