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familia Baby Müesli Organic Oat & Banana

familia Swiss Baby Müesli is an excellent choice for your baby. ‘e wholesome and well
balanced blend of organic whole grain oats and cereals (grains) are combined with delicious
fruit to satisfy our most precious and important consumers.
Proudly brought to you directly from the bio-familia company, the Swiss pioneer of Müesli cereals, located in the heart of Switzerland.
whole grain oats, hydrolyzed oat flour, banana flakes (wholemeal flour (wheat, rye, barley), banana puree, apples,vitamin B1 ), calcium citrate, iron, zinc gluconate, vitamin A, Vitamine D, vitamin B1
1530 kJ / 362 kcal
10 g
67 g
Total sugar
6 g
5 g
Saturated fatty acids
1 g
Food fibers
4.7 g
0.01 g

We wish to make you aware of the following ingredients and potential allergens in familia Baby Müesli Organic Oat & Banana 6+:

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