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Delicious grains with fruit and crunchy nuts Familia's Low Fat Müesli is a blend of wheat, oats, spelt, corn and barley as crunchy flakes and crisp cluster. There wholesome grains are then carefully mixed with raisins, apples, bananas, dates and nuts for a perfect combination of taste and healthy goodness. Enjoy it the Swiss Way! Make this delicious Non-GMO cereal part of your healthy eating lifestyle. Try adding a chopped apple or any fresh fruit along with milk or yogurt.
Whole grain rolled oats, malted whole grain wheat flakes, raisins (sunflower oil), spelt flakes (spelt, sugar, salt, barley malt, sunflower lecithin), whole grain spelt-flakes, cornflakes (corn, salt, apple suice concentrate, soy lecithin), crispies [corn, rice, whole cane sugar, whole grain flour (wheat, rye, barley), raw sugar, barley malt, salt], barley flakes, banana chips (bananas, coconut oil, honey, sugar, natural flavor), date pieces, soy-wheat flakes (wheat, soy, raw sugar, fructose, salt, barley malt), apple pieces, roasted hazelnuts, roasted almonds.
1600 kJ / 383 kcal
6 g
of which saturates
1.5 g
67 g
of which sugars
17 g
8 g
10 g
0.18 g

We wish to make you aware of the following ingredients and potential allergens in Low Fat Müesli:

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