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Crunchy cereal with chocolate
Oat flakes, sugar, cocolate plates 12% (sugar, socoa powder, cocoa butter, glazing agent (gum arabic, shellac)), cereal crispies (maize, rice, brown sugar, wholemeal flour (wheat rye, barley), barley malt, cocoa powder, table salt), sunflower oil, coconut flakes, flour (wheat, rye), roasted hazelnuts, almonds, cocoa powder, wheat germ, honey, table slat, chocolate powder (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa powder, flavouring (vanillin)).
1930 kJ / 461 kcal
8 g
63 g
Total sugar
31 g
19 g
Saturated fatty acids
6 g
Food fibers
6 g
0.5 g

We wish to make you aware of the following ingredients and potential allergens in familia Choc'X:

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