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Climate & Energy

Our climate targets

‘Nature is the source of our life and our well-being. Our innovative Müesli creations rely on intact ecosystems and healthy soil. We are committed to giving them the urgent protection they need, so that future generations can also enjoy high-quality, nutritious food. We stand by this promise!’
The bio-familia management team

From eco-energy and climate-friendly packaging, to ‘fair’ hazelnuts and organic raw materials, sustainability has been deeply rooted in our company’s philosophy for many years. But we also know that we aren’t perfect and still have a lot to do. Because we also cause greenhouse gas emissions. We make efforts to reduce harmful emissions caused directly, as well as ones caused indirectly by our raw materials and suppliers. As part of this commitment, we developed short- and long-term climate targets at the end of 2022 based on a climate strategy.


Our binding promise

We are participating in the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTI) to make an important contribution towards achieving the Paris Agreement’s main goal of limiting global warming to 1.5°C. The SBTI reduction targets are binding, science-based and internationally recognised.

By 2030, we will reduce our direct greenhouse gas emissions by 42% compared to 2020. We measure indirect emissions carefully and aim for a reduction of at least 25%. This target covers emissions that are caused both upstream and downstream in the supply chain, such as from raw materials, packaging, production, sales and disposal. The focus is mainly on how our Müesli ingredients or raw materials are grown and processed.

By 2050, we will reduce direct and indirect emissions by 90% in absolute terms. We are working towards the long-term, science-based target of ‘net zero’. This means taking measures to fully offset any emissions that we are not able to reduce directly.

Our approach: we do whatever we can to cut greenhouse gas emissions by as much as possible. We offset any emissions that we can’t reduce ourselves.


2020 – our first measurements

We first started measuring our emissions in 2020. That year, we generated 42,000 tonnes of CO₂ equivalents (CO₂e). This corresponds to the total annual emissions of around 3,500 Swiss residents. 1 kg of Müesli has a footprint of 3 kg of CO₂e.


What we have already done to reduce our direct emissions

Since 2013, we have been covering all of our company’s energy needs with 100% ‘naturemade star’ eco-energy, produced by the local water power stations in Sachseln and Sarnen. In 2019, we built a 1,000 m2 photovoltaic system, which produces around 125,000 kWh of electricity per year. This corresponds to the total annual energy consumption of around 25 single-family households. Our office building is certified according to the Minergie-A standard, which means it produces more energy than it uses. Cold and heat from the production process are reused, and we also get warm water from solar energy.


You are committed to a sustainable world. So are we.


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